The production and technical base is equipped with the necessary state-of-the-art engineering and equipment for providing high-quality services.

The central office is located in Aktau. Production bases are located in Kargalinskoye, Borankul, Zhanaozen and in Aktau. The availability of the necessary geophysical equipment and engineering as well as positive cooperation with our partners makes it possible to commence operations promptly after a request is received from the Customer.

Geophysical surveys are carried out by forces of production base units. The company is equipped with 10 geophysical complex parties, equipped with modern PKS-5, PKS-5G logging and hydrodynamic stations mounted on URAL, KAMAZ, GAZ specialized vehicle chassis, modern complex geophysical instruments and digital recorders of foreign and Russian production, such as Complex KarSar, Vulkan, AMK Horizon.

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