Metrological equipment of the company, such as KarSar URP (for measuring geophysical cable), UMH (pressure and temperature calibration), GL (repair laboratory), allows timely and quality calibration, calibration against standards, high-quality repair of devices.

For operations in wells with high wellhead pressures, UzenGeoService LLP possesses ULG 65×35 and ULG 35 specialized lubricator units which enable to carry out special geophysical and hydrodynamic surveys in high pressure wells up to 680 atm. wellhead pressures.


To carry out surveys in eccentric faceplate equipped wells, the company has a special set of wellhead equipment, accessories and instruments with 28 mm max. diameter. Well development using an ejector unit.

The company uses explosive products from manufacturers such as:

DYNA Energetics, Innicor, Vzryvgeoservice, Promperforator, Perfosystem Production. The company continues to develop itself, consistently developing and implementing the latest technologies and methodologies, as well as training young specialists whilst cooperating with leading Kazakhstan and foreign universities.

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